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This series of work is inspired by the detailed tile work seen throughout Portugal. The intricate patterns and color palettes of the tiles are symbolic of the energy and spirit that make up the culture of Portugal. The pieces in this series are small moments in time and memory collaged into a personal narrative. Drawn to the decorative designs of the tile work, I created stencils that were used in the making of the pastel drawings and later used in the collages.



This series of work was done during the Corona virus lockdown, when I was working in my home studio, unable to go to my shared studio space. During this time I worked with a deliberately colorful, saturated palette, which helped me counteract what was happening in the outside world. I chose to take the literal meaning of the word corona, crown in Spanish, and use a crown symbol in some of this work. These pieces were visual narratives of what was happening around me. [...]



This series of work reflects the ideas of transformation, new growth, and beginnings. The work uses abstracted images from nature, to create a narrative about a path and process toward healing. The work uses a dialogue between natural forms and a restricted color palette to create a metaphorical balance between pain and wellness.


Path Finder

This series of work was inspired by the concept of a new path or journey that we are taking from the limitations that we experienced during the pandemic. It is the idea of venturing out and starting again that inspires and informs this work. One way this occurs is with our connection to nature and the natural world that symbolize hope, a new path forward. The narrative in this work is about a path through time and place that is expressed through layers of pattern and shape and color. It is these abstracted components of nature that make up the [...]



This series of work came about after seeing the destruction, devastation and sorrow that took over the island of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. I spent childhood summers in Puerto Rico and have many wonderful memories of that time. To see the physical and emotional destruction of the island and the people was heartbreaking. I felt the need to express my feelings and reactions through my work. The drawings and mix media pieces in this series combine memories and interpretations of both before and after island images. The rebuilding and repair of Puerto Rico will be a long process [...]

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